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99,90 Euro was donated to Diakonia for refugees on 250116.

99,90 Euro was donated to Refugio München on 250116.

99,90 Euro was donated to Emoto Peace Project on 250116.


This is a message from Michiko (Emoto Peace Project):


"Dear Ayako and all the beautiful friends in Germany,

Heartfelt greetings with much love and gratitude from Tokyo!

I’d like to thank you so much for sending the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT your donation of 99.99 Euro! Ayako kindly sent it to us yesterday by PayPal and we are very happy to let you know that we received it.

I am the Global Director of the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT in Tokyo. We are truly grateful for all of you for your understanding and kind cooperation. Your donation will be utilized for printing and distributing the children’s book of THE MESSAGE FROM WATER around the world so that children who learn the importance of water, the truth of water which water has memory and carries the memory, and that “LOVE and GRATITUDE” is the most powerful and beautiful energy. The late Dr. Emoto and we believe such children will make the world a peaceful place in the near future where there will be no fighting anymore and everyone will be living in harmony!

Once again, thank you very much for your valuable donation.
I hope everyone of you have wonderful and happy days!
In much love and gratitude,


Michiko Hayashi (Ms.)

International Ambassador
Global Director
Headquarters office
EMOTO PEACE PROJECT, Non-Profit Organization
International Division
Office Masaru Emoto, LLC.
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You can download the flyer for this event.
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  ☆CHARITY MOVIE EVENT for Refugees & Emoto Peace Project for Kids☆


☆Thank you so much for joining this event! We really thank you for your donation!


Total donation: 333 Euro

Diakonia: 99,90 Euro

Refugio München: 99,90 Euro

Emoto Peace Project: 99,90 Euro

Coverage of rental: 33,30 Euro

will send tomorrow, January 25, 2016. (24.01.2016)



Movie Title: WATER-The Great Mystery (Russia, 2006)

(Documentary television film)

Director: Anastaysia Popova

Producer: Saida Medvedeva

Movie company: Masterskaya


Language: English(*Although DVD edited by Office Masaru Emoto in Japan will be played, the language is ENGLISH.)

 (☆If we see relatively a good number of Japanese participants, we consider to play the movie with Japanese subtitle.)

Date&Time: January 24, 2016 (Sun), 15:00-17:00

(open at 14:30)



Westendstr. 123 F
80339 München

* 8 min walk from "Donnersbergerbrücke" station


Fee: 10 Euro+alpha (Donation)


1) 10 Euro is basic fee.This is coverage for rental fee and donation (*see below). Your further donation is absolutely very welcome!

2) Only paper money, e.g. 5 Euro, 10 Euro etc  can be accepted due to easy handling and time saving matters. Thank you for your comprehension!


Capacity: 70 seats (Reservation is not necessary.)


(The content of the movie)Water is the most amazing yet least studied substance. From times immemorial, scientists, philosophers and theologians tried to understand its explicit and implicit properties, which are phenomenal, beyond the common physical laws of nature. Witness recent, breathtaking discoveries by researchers worldwide from Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Israel, the USA, Britain, Austria, Japan, Argentina, China and Tibet. The arguments expound upon unexpected and challenging assumptions enlightening many years of research to open humankind to new horizons, such as the applications of structured water in agriculture, or the use of water in treatment for the most serious diseases and more. The Geography of the film spans the globe. The implications go beyond the solar system, suggesting that water has the ability to convey messages faster than light, perhaps linking water with the absolute. Water is so unique, and so profound, its miraculous properties are still awaiting to be discovered.

(From this site)


Huge number of refugees from Syria have been coming to Europe in order to escape from civil war.

This time, we decided to organize "Charity Movie Event" on January 24, 2016 in order to help refugees in Munich/Germany and Emoto Peace Project for kids. (You can check about Dr. Masaru Emoto, Water missionary here.)


We will play film "WATER" in this event. This film received 3 honored prizes from Russia in 2006, and was played in Maui film festival and Gaia film festival in the US in 2008.


The reason that I selected this documentary film regarding water is that water plays a key role in every religion and our life and can play a significant role in "world peace". Do you know that especially in Holy Quran and Old Testament, water is described as follows?


Holy Quran

  • We made from water every living thing. (The Prophets 21:30)
  • It is He Who has created man from water. (The Criterion 25:54)
  • And Allah has created every animal from water. (The Light 24:45)

Old Testament: Genesis

  • 2. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

  • 6. And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
  •  7. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.



Although water has played important roles in our life (e.g. we are consisted of 70% water), it has scientifically still remained unclear.


However, recently, Prof. Pollack at Washington university and Prof. Montagnier who is a join recipient with 2 other scientists of the 2008 Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of HIV have published outstanding scientific results regarding water memory and new water structure "4th phase of water". Namely, it might be possible to explain the change of water structure due to our emotion as well as consciousness. One of alternative medicines, the effects of homeopathy will may be scientifically proved in the near future.


If you are interested in, please access following sites.


Pollack Laboratory:

Luc Montagnuer:

Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water


This movie was made 6 years ago in Russia. But the content is still very impressive.

Scientists, researchers, philosophers and theologians provide interesting aspects of water from their professional and very interesting perspectives, which, we believe, will bring you of food of thought as well as profound interpretation about water.


Reservation is not necessary.

In case that many will come and some cannot watch, we apologize in advance. We promise to repeat this charity movie event again in the near future!


*Donaton: This Charity Movie Event is completely non-profit event. Your fee, a part of 10 Euro will be donated to following organizations:


1. Diakonia (30% of collected donations)

2. REFUGIO München (30% of collected donations)

3. Emoto Peace Project (30% of collected donations)


The rest, i.e. 10% of collected donations will be used for the coverage of rental.


 * I got a permission to play this movie in Munich from Emoto Peace Project/Office Masaru Emoto for the charity event.




Activity host: Ayako Yamamoto

Activity co-hosts: Nicoleta, ShanShan, and Sunny


You can watch the Trailer below.




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